In celebration of National Poetry Month, I am inviting several poet friends to join me in my daily endeavor of paying poetic attention to the world. This week I am sharing the practice with dear friend Amy Tingle of The Creativity Caravan. Follow her on Instagram at @tingle for daily doses of inspiration, creativity, shenanigans and community based delight.


lichen on the rock
is to mist in the morning
as the winter lake cracking apart
is to the blue sky,
breaking through the cover of clouds.
which is to say, look
how the bodies of this world
are always moving,
which is to say, hallelujah.

photo and poem by katherine ferrier ©2017


FullSizeRender (8)

My neighbor’s daughter wanders into this poem,
greeting me with her feet bare
although we still have weeks to go before summer arrives.
She and the cherry tree are both blooming,
each sprouting tender angles.
Hunched over the sidewalk
golden-edged flowers bounce
to the hymn of our wind chimes.
The persistence of these small anticipated hallelujahs every morning is enough to make me weep

photo and poem by Amy Tingle ©2017


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